Investing in a monolith – Government and poverty – Jesus – Temple

Investing in a monolith
that reaches to the sky
can blind us to our neighbour’s loss,
we’re deaf to hear their cry.
The infrastructure that we crave,
carves scars across the land,
where food and beauty once was found,
but can no longer stand.

The monuments we build to power
that sap a nation’s wealth,
will crumble as they leech the poor,
yet wreck our moral health.
When will we learn a quiet way,
not strident in its speech,
of love for neighbour, knowing peace
is not beyond our reach?

When will we till this common ground
we share through human birth,
that all its riches, love and joy,
may show our common worth;
each one a child, a neighbour, friend,
a partner in this life?
Then let us share in Christ-like love,
and harbour no more strife.
Andrew Pratt 13/11/2018
Reflecting on Mark 13:1-8 – Jesus and the Temple, government and poverty
Words © 2018 Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England,
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No armistice – Remembrance – every year

No armistice
and every day a memory,
not remembrance.
Survival’s guilt hangs heavy
like a shroud.
The frightened eyes,
the failing breath,
the flailing limbs,
I will never forget.
Never forget.
Decades pass,
yet nothing fades,
vivid as yesterday
the violence,
the carnage,
flamed on the retina
of my mind.
I hold his hand,
hear his voice,
he slips away,
yet is no more,
at the going down of the sun
and in every blazing,
blinding moment
I will remember him.
God where is your victory?
Death, I feel your sting.
hold me.

© Andrew Pratt