Here we will meet to praise – as congregations gather again in whatever way in COVID-19

Here we will meet to praise, with hesitation,
while conscious of our frailty and fear.
Here we will meet for prayer and meditation,
God, Spirit, ever-present, come, draw near.

Here we will raise our eyes to things above us,
while needy people break our sense of peace.
We recognise, O God, that you still love us,
but also those who clamour for release.

Here we will meet in unity of purpose,
enable us to find you in our hearts,
that we might be alive, not just a carcass,
a living, thriving body where love starts.

Andrew E Pratt (born 1948)
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The pandemic calls for closed hymnals

This article by L. Roger Owens is an interesting reflection for those who are finding the ban on singing in church problematic –

The pandemic calls for closed hymnals

L. Roger Owens teaches Christian spirituality and ministry at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and is author of Threshold of Discovery: A Field Guide to Spirituality in Midlife


Methodist Conference – Sunday Service 28th June 2020 Richard Teal – President of the Conference; Carolyn Lawrence – Vice-President of Conference

Methodist Conference – Sunday Service 2020  For start of Service go to 9:36

Hymn for the Day everyday from the 1st – 31st July

Hymn of the day 1


Provided by the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland

This coming Wednesday (1st July) marks the beginning of what we hope will prove to be an exciting and innovative project.

As, due to the Corvid-19 virus, we have been unable to hold our annual July Conference, we have, instead, initiated ‘Hymn for the day’.

Throughout July, from the 1st to the 31st, our website will contain a ‘Hymn for the day’. This will comprise the full hymn text of a hymn selected by one of our members. It will be accompanied by a reflection on the words by the person who has selected it. In addition there will, in some cases, be a video link where the hymn and reflection are read by the contributor. Possibly, also, there may be a YouTube connection to the hymn being sung.

As the month progresses, the list will expand until, by 31st July, there will be thirty-one ‘Hymns for the day’. All of them will remain available on our website throughout the whole of August after which, due to copyright considerations for some, they will be taken down.

In these times which, for many, are proving rather difficult and dismal, we hope that this initiative will prove to be interesting, informative and enriching, and an encouragement to log on to our website each day for a ‘Hymn for the day’ to brighten your life!

Our website address is as always: