An unmarried mother gave birth in a stable

  1 An unmarried mother gave birth in a stable, 
 some saw a fulfilment of all they had heard, 
 to others this story, the birth of the Godhead,
 was more than amazing, was frankly absurd.
 2 Some delved into scripture and said that a virgin, 
 was destined to carry a child who would grow 
 to be a Messiah, salvation for nations, 
 and others would question how history could know.
 3 So back to the story, now Bethlehem beckons, 
 a carpenter-pawn come to sign for the state, 
 the bureaucrats needing a list for taxation 
 and everyone hurries before it's too late.
 4 A legend would grow up of shepherds and magi, 
 no snow at this Christmas beneath a night's sky. 
 A man who would die as a crucified preacher 
 was born with sparse shelter as people passed by. 
 5 And so came the story of birth in a stable, 
 of Bethlehem's journey, a virgin and child. 
 And lost is the essence, the mystery and wonder, 
 of God born among us abused and reviled.
 6 Much later a soldier saw God in this prophet
 a man  who would love to his very last breath 
 the dying, the hopeless, those outside religion,
 and all those beside who had shared in his death.
 Andrew E Pratt (born 1948)
 © 2018 Stainer and Bell Ltd.
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This fragile passing beauty – Remembrance – published a year and now recommended on Singing the Faith plus

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Early Autumn- Friend of the world…

Friend of the world, bright shining sun!
Reeling and dancing, life begun;
living and learning, climbing high,
soaring on wings as if to fly.

Friend of the ones we would despise,
fierce is the love within his eyes;
fierce in defence of poor or weak,
he offers love when we just speak.

Autumn is coming to the trees,
colour is drained from falling leaves;
darkness is covering all the earth,
His dance goes on, it finds new birth.

Andrew E Pratt (born 1948)
© 1999 Stainer & Bell Ltd