This festive flight in tribute to David Attenborough’s reading of The Peregrine

This festive flight,
the Spirit offers wings
to every thought and prayer that ever was.
This soaring elegance
is all of God
yet brightly vicious
tearing pinions from its prey.
Falling from the sky the devil’s minion,
messenger of doom hurtles,
halts within a footfall of the soil
and lifts that rodent,
eyes afire with fear
that feels its final breath as lifted heavenward…
a final flight.

© Andrew Pratt 13/3/2020 in tribute to David Attenborough’s reading of The Peregrine by J.A. Baker on BBC Sounds –

Climate change song – Crises drive us from our comfort

Crises drive us from our comfort
to the edge of vital choice,
children speak the words we’ve hidden,
simple words we’ve failed to voice.
Will we listen to the judgment
warning us to change our ways,
change essential in this moment
making way for future days?

Cut the greed, this present moment
is a sacrament in time:
calls for change in our perspective,
hearing reason, mending rhyme.
Here we have just finite tenure,
stewards of this planet, earth,
handing each new generation
sacred space to come to birth.

Space and time are lent and trusted
into each receptive hand,
ours to tend, maintain and offer
clean, refreshed: each cherished land.
Yet our science says we’re wanting,
faulted in our craft and care.
May the future be forgiving
of the love we failed to share.

Andrew Pratt 8/12/2019
Inspired by Greta Thunberg

Words © 2019 Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England,
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